Do Something to Amaze Yourself

When was the last time you did something to amaze yourself?

Do you remember what it felt like to be amazing?

Has it been awhile? Once we take on our adult roles, many of us stop doing things we find amazing because we are so busy being responsible.

My guest on Monday, Aug. 3 pulled off something quite amazing. Shelley Dunstone, an attorney from Adelaide, Australia was asked to sing in a rock band. That sounded like a crazy idea to her, but she went along with some friends to one of their performances. Suddenly she was on stage, the sounds of the guitars and the beat of the drum went right through her, and she was hooked. That would have been amazing enough, but Shelley was only just beginning.

One night she came across a cabaret lounge offering open mic nights. She was intrigued and wanted to start singing more bossa nova’s so she decided to try it out. Here is where the Audacious Dream comes in. Shelley decided she wanted to do a live performance in Rio de Janiero, with Brazilian musicians and sing in Portuguese. But she did not know anyone in Brazil, she had never been to Brazil and she could not speak Portuguese.

It took her over 5 years to make this dream a reality. She never stopped believing in the dream, even when she ran up against obstacles. Shelley reminded us to

· Have the Dream

· Honor the Dream

· Commit to the Dream

The next time you are asked, when did you do something to amaze yourself, how are you going to answer?

Watch the full interview with Shelley on YouTube.

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