Preparing for a Hey, Boomer Broadcast

It is Monday morning. I wake up with a sense of anticipation about the broadcast that will be live today. I go through my typical morning routine; coffee, some reading and/or journaling, 30-45 minutes of yoga and breakfast.

Morning coffee at Zion National Park (not getting ready for Hey, Boomer)

As I am dressing and putting on my makeup, I think about watching Amy Woods (our local news anchor) getting ready before her broadcast. I have been at the studio many times and watched her touch up her makeup or redo her hair. Since this is a live show, appearance does matter.

After checking my morning email, I begin to think about the show.  I have already written the script and some ideas for questions.  That is usually done several days ahead of time. But I need to prepare for any websites I might want to share, or videos we are going to show. I login to the Streaming Studio (StreamYard) service I use and get that all prepared.

The biggest part of preparing for the broadcast is the mental preparation.  I want to be fully present for my guest so that it brings out the best in them, and the show is interesting and absorbing for the audience.  So, I go through the following routine:

Focus, Why, Visualize, Dance

Preparing for the show
  1. Focus on what is most important about the show.  What about this topic is relevant to the Hey, Boomer audience? Will it be motivating, educational, entertaining? Will it have a positive impact?
  2. Remind myself why I care and what I care about. I tell myself how much I am looking forward to this conversation. I am interested and curious about what I will learn and what others might learn. I care about the guest and the audience having a positive experience.
  3. Visualize the conversation. I will usually review the script several times on the morning of the show.  I want it to flow and I speak it out loud as I walk around my living room. This helps me make the script more natural and conversational.  I don’t want it to sound too scripted and I don’t want to leave anything out.
  4. Dance. Well, maybe not exactly dance, but putting on some music and bopping around while reviewing the script, makes me smile. Hey, Boomer is meant to be inspiring and motivational. You want your host to be smiling.

Let me hear from you.  Are there some topics you would like me to cover on Hey, Boomer? Do you know someone who has a good story to tell and would be an inspiring or educational guest for the Hey, Boomer audience?

We all have stories to tell.  Let’s share our stories with each other.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for a Hey, Boomer Broadcast

  1. Hi Wendy, Thank you for letting us in to your morning preparation. Having been one of your guests, and watching others with whom you shared Hey, Boomer, it is apparent to me that you put in the necessary time and effort and love to bring out the best in your guests. CJ

  2. Thanks, Wendy. I’m going to add “bopping around” to my routine when I do my interview with you! (I’ll be very careful not to fall.)

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