Guest Blog – Three reasons to add ADVENTURE to your life

Heidi Siefkas shared so much with us on Hey, Boomer that I asked her to write a blog to give us more insight on the importance of adventure in our lives. Please continue to share your adventures with me, as you learn new things and gently push your comfort zones.


Whether you are ready for an adventure or a bit hesitant to add adventure to your life this article is for you. But, before we go any further, let’s agree that adventure can be for anyone and at any age. Adventure can be defined in many ways, but for now let’s work with this meaning of adventure:

Ad-ven-ture /adˈven(t)SHər/: any new activity that is all consuming, perhaps fearful, that puts you in the zone. It can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or a combination of all three

The examples of adventure are endless: learning a new sport, going on a blind date, challenging yourself with a hike/run/exercise class, writing your first blog, traveling to a new place, or even seeing a familiar place in a different way.

Why Add Adventure to Your Life?

We all know there are proven benefits to taking vitamins, going to the gym and eating right. However, I bet I’m the first to suggest adding ADVENTURE to your life. There are three powerful benefits to adding adventure to your life!

  1. Enhanced Clarity and Focus

The clarity and focus felt during and after adventures, both big and small, are similar to yoga, walking labyrinths, gardening and other more traditional forms of meditation. That’s why I believe, and have written in many published works as well as books that, “Adventure is my meditation.” Try learning a new language, cooking an innovative recipe or attempting stand-up paddle boarding. You will be in the zone!

     2. Increased Energy

By adding adventure, you are eliciting your Fight or Flight response. That energy is adrenaline meant to keep you alive, focused, on task, and letting everything else go, including bodily and cognitive functions that aren’t necessary, including multitasking, to-do lists, worrying and other nonsense.

     3. Prepared for Life’s Hiccups

By frequently adding new activities that challenge you to overcome nerves or fears, you become better at handling life’s curveballs (a.k.a. When All Balls Drop moments). You can be better and faster at focusing and shifting your mindset when you get unexpected and unfortunate news. Through adding adventure, you embrace these Plan B’s more easily. Let’s face it! There is no good time to get fired or get dumped, but these life events will happen and now when it’s convenient.

How and When to Start Your Adventure

The easiest way to start adding adventures to your life is to start small and close to home. If you have a buddy that has already accomplished a new sport, learned a second language, or something you want to do, leverage her expertise. Having an adventure mentor or friend is always a great idea. In fact, you can both motivate one another. Then, start challenging yourselves with bigger and bolder adventures.

As far as when to start your adventure, NOW is the time to start. You don’t have to wait until a certain holiday, age, or until your bank account says it is time. You can plan adventures close to home and at little cost. Granted, you can also do the opposite. Perhaps 2021 and 2022 are years for multiple adventures. 

What’s your next Adventure?

A while back I did a TEDx Talk about adventure. I encourage you to watch it and answer the final question. 

Adventure + Look Up = Perspective

As always, I suggest piggybacking your adventures with the Look Up Mantra which reminds us all to:

  1. Be in the moment
  2. Find the Upside

By using both frequent adventures and the Look Up Mantra, you can harness the power of perspective in almost any situation.

Here’s to Looking Up and to many more adventures!

You can find Heidi’s book on Amazon in print, ebook and audio versions.

One thought on “Guest Blog – Three reasons to add ADVENTURE to your life

  1. heidisiefkas – Hiya! I’m Heidi Siefkas (pronounced Seef-kas). Although I’m originally from small-town Wisconsin (you betcha), I currently call South Florida home. However, as an adventurer, I’m rarely home for very long. I’m also author of three inspirational, non-fiction books, When All Balls Drop, With New Eyes, and Cubicle to Cuba.
    Heidi Siefkas says:

    Mahalo for the opportunity to share the adventure life hack. I look forward to reading your answers to the final question of my TEDxTalk on YouTube.
    Here’s to looking up!

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