Apathy is the Enemy

Apathy is the Enemy

Apathy – noun, lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern.

Today I had the opportunity to help the League of Women Voters, register graduating seniors to vote. Kids from three area high schools were coming to one location to pick up their cap and gown for graduation. While they were waiting in the car line, we approached and asked if they were registered to vote. If they were interested, we gave them a form to complete and then we collected the forms at the end of the line once they got their cap and gown. In the hour and a half that I was there, we must have registered between 20-30 kids! New voters. I had one parent tell me it was none of my business whether her kid was registered. I had one student say they weren’t interested, and a few were already registered to vote. Other than that, we had a very positive reception.

I already had scheduled time to work with the voter registration prior to speaking with Phil Halpern on Monday. I was thinking about what he said in his take-away as I was working out there. People ask, “what can I do? I am just one person; I can’t really do anything.” Well, today, just one person (me) registered a bunch of new voters! That is significant! There were 3 other people helping with the voter registration drive, and they also made a significant impact in registering these young people. Many of the kids were excited to have the opportunity to register so easily.

Voter registration is just one way to stay involved. We can write letters to our Congresspeople. We can write letters to our newspapers. We can make phone calls. We can volunteer to help people get to the polls on election day. We can send thank you messages to the corporations that signed a statement opposing “any discriminatory legislation” that would make it harder for people to vote.

Amazon, Google, Starbucks, BlackRock, GM, Warren Buffet, Merck, Netflix, Ford Motors, Quicken Loans, Hewlett Packard, Major League Baseball

Apathy is the enemy, as Phil said. Democracy is supported by our participation. The founders of our country created a democratic republic, a system of government in which the power to govern comes from the people, but ELECTED officials represent their interests.  This is what we learned in our civics classes.

In the 2020 election cycle, approximately 66% of registered voters submitted ballots. It is typical to have a higher voter turnout for a presidential election. The elections that will be held in 2022 are equally important. Stay informed. Attend town hall meetings or local council meetings to educate yourself and to voice your opinions. Get involved in groups that support the causes that are important to you. Many of these groups have a great deal of influence in Congress. Vote, volunteer, educate, write letters … stay involved. Don’t let apathy become your enemy.

Let me know what you thought about the show on Monday with Phil Halpern, and let me know how you plan to stay involved.

6 thoughts on “Apathy is the Enemy

  1. Thank you Wendy for hosting Phil Halpern on your show. I liked hearing what he said and how down to earth and honest he was. It is rare that we hear someone speak who held that position. I get a lot of surveys in the mail and have sent some in without donations, and was hoping they get read. Phil had said those who donate are heard more. That was disappointing to hear but believe it since that seems the way of the world with what gets pushed forward. I may still continue to submit my opinions on the surveys with the hope they get read. I will continue to vote at elections since we are a democracy and it to stay that way.

  2. I totally agree that apathy is the enemy when it comes to the opportunity every American has to exercise their right to vote. I would add that power and money have tremendous ability to create barriers that stand in the way of ‘fair voting.’ This makes national news and thus discourages many voters from saying ‘what is the use my vote won’t count.’ In Georgia signing the law of voter restrictions is also the enemy.

  3. Wendy, I”m so proud of your active participation and support of our democratic process. Voting is a sacred right and responsibility and the foundation of our country’s core principles and premise. And our voting rights are under attack right now…with dangerous new state legislation being drafted in more than 47 states. We must do everything we can to protect voter rights. Too many people fought and died to earn them. GET INVOLVED like Wendy!

  4. A Democracy requires citizen participation and input to those elected to serve/represent us. Each of us, iny any way we make our voices heard by them, makes our Democracy work. We must each do what we are able to let our congress and legislators know what matters.

  5. I, too, really enjoyed hearing from Phillip Halpern. Quite a coup to have such a high profile guest! He relayed so much more eloquently than I in” Hey, Boomer’s” first episode the importance of being involved in our communities.
    Earlier today, I sat in a Zoom by the Horry County Branch on the topic of the ERA. Our VERY informed guest, Barbara Fry, spoke on the ERA. How about this… “The right to vote (per the 19th Amendment) is the ONLY right guaranteed to women in the U.S. Constitution.”
    Ratification is in both houses of the SC Legislature, hung up in committees. We need this conversation in SC and need to see the ERA come to a vote, forcing our elected representatives to show their hand and hopefully move this state “to the right side of history.”
    Barbara Fry (equalmeansERA.org) would make a great Hey, Boomer guest!

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