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I started a blog last year about selecting a WORD for the coming year. It was wintertime, shorter days, and a period when I generally spend more time in reflection. I didn’t finish the blog post, but I did share an exercise for selecting a WORD for the year, and at our Virtual Hey, Boomer New Year’s Eve party the participants all shared their WORD with each other. We are now more than halfway through 2021 and I thought it would be a good time to check in on our WORDS.

My WORD for 2021 was COMMITMENT. I have this posted in the center of the bulletin board in my office. When I feel like I am overwhelmed or losing my way, I look up at the word and remind myself of why I chose it. It helps me to reengage with the commitments I made to myself.

I chose the word COMMITMENT coming out of 2020 for several reasons. That was the year the pandemic took over our lives and the year when a lot of anger and divisiveness in our society became more part of our awareness.

  • I chose COMMITMENT to reinforce my commitment to my family. Being unable to physically see them, I was grateful for the virtual connections I could have with them. We had several family Zooms with relatives all over the world. To be able to visit my son’s family in their new home, we all had Covid tests and then quarantined until we could be together for Christmas. We had a Zoom Thanksgiving so we could share what we were grateful for. My daughter held porch parties for our birthdays, so we could all be together. And I have continued to call my 91-year old mother every day.
  • I lost my job at the start of the pandemic. I started Hey, Boomer a month later with the idea of providing a way to reach others who were negatively impacted by events and reminding all of us that we are still relevant, we still matter, and we can make a difference. For 2021, my word COMMITMENT bolsters my desire to continue to provide this message of inspiration and encouragement with the Hey, Boomer show and events. I am continuing to learn and grow in this new medium and I am committed to reaching as many people as possible that could benefit from the ideas we share.
  • I chose COMMITMENT to friends and relationships. Being isolated by the pandemic, it would have been easy to go into my own cocoon. I chose instead to be committed to reaching out to friends by phone, going for walks outside when that was possible and nurturing those relationships that are important to me.

Some of the other Hey, Boomer New Year’s Eve partiers shared their words with us.  Doris chose LOVING KINDNESS. Kathy chose FOCUS. Heidi’s word was DELIBERATE. Joyce chose HOPE. Lisa chose GRATITUDE. Rob’s word was EXPLORATION. Steve’s word was SAVOR. Sheila chose CURIOSITY. Ann chose DISCERNMENT.  


Did you choose a WORD to inspire you, remind you of how you wanted to show up for 2021? How are you doing so far? We have 3 ½ more months in this year. Share your word with the Hey, Boomer Community. We are here to support you!

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