Unveiling my Word for 2023

What is Your Word for 2023. Here is my review of my words from last year and the word I have chosen for 2023.

I have been thinking about how I did “living” the words I chose for 2022. I posted the words on my bulletin board so I would be regularly reminded of them.


MASTERY was one of my words. This is what I wrote about what I wanted to accomplish with Mastery.

I am working to master the art and business of podcasting and broadcasting, as well as the social media platforms that will help me grow and market the business.

I would give myself a C on this. I am working to master the art and business of podcasting, but I have by no means mastered it. I have made significant progress and it is a learning journey that really has no end. There will always be something to learn. Although Mastery will not be my word for 2023, I will continue to work on this.

As far as mastering the social media platforms, I am still working on that. I feel pretty good about my Facebook posts. I am changing up my strategy on LinkedIn and I continue to learn about Instagram. This is possibly an area where I could use some help. It takes a lot of time. The challenge is finding someone who can write in my voice for posts (not long form messages) and who would be loyal to the Hey, Boomer brand.


My other word for 2022 was ACCEPTANCE. This is what I wrote about what I wanted to do with Acceptance.

As part of my growth for this year, I will practice accepting people (friends and family) where they are (not judging) and not try to change them.

That is a tough one for me to say “out loud” to all of you. My role as a coach is not to change my clients. My role as a coach is to help the client find their own answers and believe that they know what is best for them. The truth is, I can do this very well with my clients. I can practice “detached involvement,” which means that I can empathize and encourage and present thoughtful questions without becoming attached to the outcome.

This is more challenging with personal relationships, which is why I chose the word ACCEPTANCE for 2022. I was hyper aware of this word all year and whenever I found myself not being accepting, I would reflect on what had happened and how I could do better next time. I think I have done pretty good on my practice of acceptance. I also think this will be an ongoing journey of growth for me. Probably means looking at myself some more too and asking where I may not be accepting myself. HMMM???


Which brings me to 2023.

For the past 2 ½ years I have been working in isolation. This started with Covid and all of us were living in isolation. I am the kind of person who digs in and will spend hours trying to learn new technology and new skills. What that means is that I also probably spend more time than necessary figuring things out, when it would be more efficient to work with others and ask for help.

I also am the kind of person who can entertain myself pretty well. I like my alone time. Therefore, I tend to isolate myself rather than intentionally building friendships and supportive networks.

Does that surprise you? I am what I would call an extroverted introvert. I can go out and socialize and create connections just about anywhere I go. I recharge by staying in. I do recognize the need for supportive relationships and a supportive community, so part of what I will be doing this year is planning time with friends or family, at least once a week.

The one word I have chosen that will incorporate working with others more and spending time building my supportive network is CONNECT.

Here is a link to help you think about what word you will choose for 2023.

I hope you will support me in building connections this year.

Share your word with us so that we can also help to support you in living your word.

Word for 2023

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