Let’s Talk Voting

I just sent off an email to my children and their spouses to encourage them to consider working the polls for the November election. Traditionally, people in my age group and older have been the ones working the polls. This year, because of the Covid-19 virus, most of those people do not feel safe servingContinue reading “Let’s Talk Voting”

Entrepreneur Life Lessons

On Monday, I spoke with Lauren Brophy from the Apple Valley Inn B&B and the Candy Apple Shoppes about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. There were three big take-aways for me.1. Value your employees and your customers 2. Life has a lot more to offer than just your day job 3. ItContinue reading “Entrepreneur Life Lessons”

I am Always, and in All Ways, More Powerful than I think I am

What do you think when you read that? It can be a little bit scary, because if we believe that, then there would be nothing stopping us from achieving our wildest dreams. It is so much “safer” to think small, to limit our goals and dreams. Less likely to fail that way, right?But what ifContinue reading “I am Always, and in All Ways, More Powerful than I think I am”

Data Never Sleeps

Domo releases their 8th annual “data never sleeps” infographicDomo is a Business Cloud company that has annually captured online user behavior across a myriad of platforms, such as Zoom, TikTok, Netflix and Facebook. The infographic below shows how much data is generated every minute!Due to Covid-19, the data shows that we have become more dependentContinue reading “Data Never Sleeps”

The Birth of Hey, Boomer

My vision for Hey, Boomer is to have conversations with people from all generations that build bridges of understanding, build connections, educate and entertain, primarily members of the Baby Boom generation. Why the Baby Boom generation? Because I am part of that generation, and it felt like a good place to start.The idea for Hey,Continue reading “The Birth of Hey, Boomer”

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