Abstract Expressionist – Hans Petersen

Hans Petersen grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied architechure at the Royal Danish Academy or Art. Upon graduation he began working at a graphic design studio in Copenhagen and then followed a love interest to New York. Once in NY, Hans found work at a printing company and that is where he first learned about color. Eventually, he started his own graphics design firm in Manhattan and worked in it for 10 years. 

He followed his wife to Charoltte, NC and started over. After many “cold” reach outs, Hans secured the International Home Furnishing Center as a client and produced material for them for 15 years. Then in 2005, they became part of a bigger organization and Hans was out of work.

What was next? His wife suggested he paint, something he loved doing as a child. In this episode he explains how he learned about the art business and has grown into a professional artist. 

Episode Takeaways:

1. Being a professional artist takes committment to paint every day.

2. The inspiration comes, but it is not initially what gets him painting.

3. They learned while doing tent shows, researching galleries and talking to gallery owners.

4. When you are trying to determine “what’s next” think back to your childhood. What did you love doing then?

Thanks so much for listening.

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