Choosing a home for the second half of life

We are living in the Age of Longevity and choosing a home in the second half of life requires planning and reflection.

Place matters is foundational to this planning. Aging well starts with a vision of what you want. You want to consider location as well as how place will enhance your sense of purpose, social connections, physical activity and financial well-being.

Ryan Frederick, my guest for this episode, is the author of Right Place, Right Time. He breaks down the importance of each of these components. He has an issue with the term, “aging in place.” He prefers the term “living in community” and he explains what he means during our discussion.

Successful aging is not a solo sport. Include family, friends and a partner if you have one, in the discussion.

In the episode we talk about alternative housing options, such as intergenerational living, co-housing, co-living and home sharing. 

Finally, we talked about the importance of investigating health care living options, should they become necessary, before they become necessary. Moving can be disruptive and having to move under dire circumstances only makes it more difficult. Being prepared, having done your homework, may alleviate some of the stress.

Episode Takeaways:

1. Give place the respect it deserves

2. Place matters, choose wisely

3. Seek counsel with family and friends.

4. Create opportunities for self-reflections aournd purpose, social connection, physical well-being and financial well-being

Thanks so much for listening.

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