Crunchy Conversation: Redefining Life after 55 with Michela Di Carlo

Episode Description:

– Welcome to Hey, Boomer! In this episode, Wendy Green and Michela Di Carlo discuss the concept of aging playfully and embracing one’s inner child.

– Michela Di Carlo is the founder and editor of Crunchy Tales, an online magazine for sassy women over 50.

– Crunchy Tales covers topics about aging, fashion, food, and empowering women.

Key Takeaways:

1. Aging playfully and embracing midlife: Michela believes that getting older is a time for growth and empowerment. It’s about embracing the beauty of life and being relaxed, taking time to appreciate the world around us.

2. Confidence and self-care: Taking care of oneself and looking good is a form of self-expression and confidence. Michela encourages women to prioritize self-care and to continue exploring their personal style and passions.

3. Empowering women in midlife: The online magazine, Crunchy Tales is dedicated to empowering women in midlife, covering topics like menopause, aging, and fashion. She believes in sharing inspiring stories and experiences to help women thrive and succeed.

Call to Actions:

1. Visit Crunchy Tales: Experience the world of crunchy living and connect with Michela at Explore articles, illustrations, and stories tailored for women in their second act of life.

2. Connect with Michela Di Carlo: Learn more about Michela’s journey and connect with her directly at Reach out via email at

3. Embrace aging playfully: Take a moment to reflect on your journey and embrace the playful side of aging. Find joy in the small things and prioritize self-care and personal growth.

Join Wendy Green and Michela Di Carlo in this inspiring conversation as they redefine life after 55 and explore the possibilities of embracing a crunchy and empowered midlife. Don’t miss out on this episode of Hey, Boomer!


Wendy Green [00:00:16]:

Hello, and welcome to the Hey Boomer show. My name is Wendy Green, and I am your host for Hey Boomer. At Hey Boomer, we are changing the conversation about retirement. Rather than seeing it as an ending, We see it as the opening of an exciting, new, and vibrant chapter, a time for exploration, Self expression and learning. Coming of age during the women's movement, we wanted to be admired for our intelligence, Not our looks. And yet I, like Gloria Steinem, always wanted to look good even in ratty bell bottom jeans and loose shirts. And then we went through a period of feeling like we had to be better than our male counterparts In order to succeed in business, and so we switched to business suits and pantyhose. Does anybody remember those? But now we're redefining our looks again.

Wendy Green [00:01:19]:

Many people chose to let their hair Go naturally gray during the pandemic. I was suddenly experiencing, All I can feel like I was experiencing was sort of an imposter syndrome. You know, as I was going live on Hey Boomer and my hair was not turning gray. And I'm sorry. Please don't hate me for that, but my hair is not turning gray. But we're also sensitive to comments about our looks. Like when we hear comments about, oh, you look great for your age. Or We hear people in the press talking about the political women's hairstyles, but they never comment on how the men look.

Wendy Green [00:02:09]:

So I don't know about you, but I do like to look my best. Not for anyone else particularly, but When I get up in the morning and after my coffee, I like to shower and fix my hair and put on makeup and Try to work my best. It just helps me feel better during the day. So why am I talking about this? Well, because my guest, Michela DeGarlo, is the founder and editor of Crunchy Tales, And she's a lifestyle journalist, and she has some thoughts about aging and looking good and feeling good. So this is gonna be a good conversation. But before I bring her on, I wanna talk to you about crunchy tales, The online illustrated magazine for sassy women over 50. I like that sassy women over 50. The illustrations in each edition are Half the fun.

Wendy Green [00:03:04]:

That's what attracted me in the 1st place to see some of the great graphics that she that they produce. The articles in crunchy tales cover topics about aging and fashion and food, All from the perspective of empowering women and reframing midlife. On a mission to reframe midlife As a time of renaissance rather than winding down, it's packed with helpful tips, clever ideas, and great advice for today's busy women. It's designed to inspire and inform. It's the antidote to ageism and boring cliches. The one stop destination for modern ladies who don't believe in the midlife crisis and want to get the most out of life. You can easily subscribe to Crunchy Tales and get their how to age playfully download By going to So I really encourage you all.

Wendy Green [00:04:13]:

Do that now and you will be happy that you did. So now are you all ready to meet Michela? Hello? Thank you, Chao. Right. Thank you for joining us today.

Michela Di Carlo [00:04:30]:

It's a pleasure. Thank you for this, kind invitation.

Wendy Green [00:04:36]:

Oh, of course. Let me do a quick bio of you, and then we'll get going. So Michela Di Carlo is a seasoned bilingual lifestyle journalist. She speaks Italian and English with a master in communication sciences from the University of Rome. She's a former feature writer for the most influential Italian national newspaper, La Republica, a regular contributor for ANSA, a n s a, the Italian major news agency, And she's the founder and chief editor of Focusing her work content to empower women feeling stuck in the 2nd act of life. Mikaela highlights the bright side of growing older, And she's also the creator and producer of the 1st pro age live show called The Beauty of Aging. So, we call this episode Crunchy Conversations, and your magazine is called Crunchy Tales.

Wendy Green [00:05:42]:

Tell us what you mean by crunchy.

Michela Di Carlo [00:05:46]:

That's a good question. Well, I thought that getting older, it's, it's a lovely Experience actually. It's a time when we get crunchier rather than softer. And I thought, okay. We are crunchy not, frankly. You said that after a certain age, you know, we should stay at home baking, cakes and potatoes. You know? I thought, well, I met the wonderful women in In their prime, that actually, you know, change, partner country, jobs, and they are always Full of energy, sometimes even more than, younger women. And so I thought, okay, crunchy means crispy.

Michela Di Carlo [00:06:39]:

Crunchy means a sharp noise. Lo so, I mean, let's make a sharp noise. Let's pick up and then Show to the world that we are not over the hill. That's the main idea. And tales because, you know, there are, Stories from midlife women, readers who want to share their journey with us. And there are features. Sometimes news and all with the idea of inspiring people. I would say to age playfully.

Michela Di Carlo [00:07:13]:

I mean, Okay. I mean, it's not so easy, but aging playfully, it's a state of mind. Mhmm. So I thought The the fact of, making a noise, a crunchy sharp noise, maybe would set the readers, you know, the right mood. And, so Crunchy Tastes was born. Actually, I have to say that it was born also Because of, you know, this idea of giving women illustrations And setting them free from these these, pictures, you know, that Usually, they want us young even when we are of a certain age. Then we catch, you know, our, You know, our face before publication, so I thought that no. No.

Michela Di Carlo [00:08:04]:

No. No. I would prefer to To give women, a colorful gallery, something, you know, they can browse when maybe they are at the hairdresser Dresser or on the bus and, be inspired and see what do they want to see. And, and then, Yeah. Maybe, read something and, enjoying what we what we write. That's the the old the old idea.

Wendy Green [00:08:36]:

So crunchy not crumpy and, crispy. Still have a voice. I love that. So it is about aging, not just aging playfully, but that is a big part of it. And and I'm just curious, Michela, how do you feel about aging?

Michela Di Carlo [00:08:55]:

I have to say that it's true. There are Some morning when you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror and say, oh my god. I'm not really into this idea of, you know, oh, it should look better, I should, you know, Maybe think about, going to the to the doctor to aesthetic doctor and improve my Not really. I do think that it's important to look good, but for yourself. You know? So, I mean, I I think that aging is part of life. So, we shouldn't, These guys, you know, the fact that we are getting older, but rather embrace the stage of life and, showing to ourselves first And to others that, it's, it's cool to be over 50. It's so cool because, you know, unfortunately, When people don't know you, they just have this idea. Oh my gosh.

Michela Di Carlo [00:10:07]:

I just Talk over the phone to a woman over 50. So they have this idea, you know, that someone grumpy and And also grumpy. Grumpy and frumpy. Maybe, you know, they have this idea of someone who doesn't look after Herself, you know, there are prejudice, you know, but today, midlife women rock. I mean, we like, you know, we like, put on makeup because we like To look good, but for ourself. Because we know that maybe that red lipstick, can enhance our complexion Or maybe because a red a red jacket, a red blazer, can, I don't know, can, Improve your mood, make you bit more confident, all these little things?

Wendy Green [00:11:03]:

I think you are spot on with that. I I know that for myself, if I don't get up and get dressed and and I put on my makeup every day, You know, it's just part of feeling good for myself. Yes. I feel more energized.

Michela Di Carlo [00:11:22]:

Plus, I'll tell you something, Wendy. You know, why do I love aging? Because I feel more Confident. I am more confident. I am a a different woman from the one, you know, I used to know. And probably because of the setbacks, probably because of some frustration, Some some problems I overcome. And, also because I know that I have more experience. So, yes, I do like aging because I feel stronger. Of course, you have to look after your health too.

Michela Di Carlo [00:12:05]:

Maybe I I actually, I feel, in such a great form. Probably, I feel better than than ever. It's strange, but because this is the time when you really you have time to look after Yourself. And even if you don't have time, you want to find your time for self care because you know that it's So important for your well-being. And so, you know, I'm not those crazy one, So into fitness and you know? But I like going to the gym. I like, you know, put some cream on my face. And, and as an Italian, because excuse my exotic accent. I'm Italian.

Michela Di Carlo [00:12:56]:

We are into style. We love, we love looking. For us, it's very important. I'm sorry, but, you know, It's very important.

Wendy Green [00:13:05]:

It's important. And I think you made some other good points about being stronger and more confident and resilient because of what we've been through and overcome and learned in this in this life. But I'm I'm curious that, you know, you were a very successful journalist, and then you went out on your own and decided to start crunchy tails. That was a very bold move. Can you tell me how that came about?

Michela Di Carlo [00:13:31]:

Well, after more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, I was, in need of a change, and I thought it was about time to set up something, That was more, I don't know, something that could give a legacy or at least something that could help others, not just writing about what happened in the world. Maybe I don't know. I thought maybe it's time to set up something that I could call mine. You understand what I mean? And, also was in that phase of life when, you know Yeah. You you achieve a lot, but in the same times, you're still unsettled. Then you are, At that age, I was 45. And then, you know, there are less opportunities because you are over 40. And so I thought, my god.

Michela Di Carlo [00:14:38]:

No. No. I mean, I think this is the time. You know? So 1st, I decided at the age of 45 to move to another country. Working and living in the UK, I realized that, you know, there are more opportunities, more chances to become who you should be. I mean, because because probably there are more policies, compared to Italy. And so probably yeah. I mean, you you might find your voice and, And share it with other people, other midlife women.

Michela Di Carlo [00:15:21]:

So after I I work as a content producer for a for a A big company, they were looking for journalists who was able to write and speak both in Italian and in English. But after a while, I thought, no. No. No. No. No. I I feel that I'm ready to embark in this new journey. And, in the UK and in the US, I mean, this big movement, this big Midlife modern midlife movement was, you know, coming up and so I thought maybe, yeah, Maybe this is this is the the main thing.

Michela Di Carlo [00:16:03]:

And so I thought, okay. Let's let's set up this this

Wendy Green [00:16:09]:

Step out on your own. Wow.

Michela Di Carlo [00:16:10]:

Yeah. I was lucky enough to met Very good, graphic and illustrators that helped me out. But it wasn't always, you know, Unicorns and lollipops because, you know, I I had to to go back to study. What what do I mean? I mean, okay. I have a master degree in communication, and I'm a journalist. I got, you know, my my diploma in journalism. I studied at City University, in UK. But I I realized that writing a good piece is a thing.

Michela Di Carlo [00:16:50]:

But writing a good thing for Google and then, you know, having chances to be indexed, something totally different. There is a tendency of writing. So I have to to study, to go back to to to school or at least, you know, it was very important for me To learn something more about searchability, something more about, the web. And Mhmm. And the web was good because it, You know, as long as you keep studying, you keep evolving. But, you know, yeah, I had to face the setbacks because, you know, Sometimes you don't find the right people who believe in your visionary project, especially at the at the beginning. Right. For instance, sometimes you don't have enough funds to keep going on.

Michela Di Carlo [00:17:44]:

At the beginning, we we thanks god, we launched A crowdfunding campaign that was quite very I would say very successful because, in the end, You know, they they feature us amongst the project, the the most, you know, interesting projects. So we had a a kind of window special for us. And so and, You know, we we we succeed. But even, you know, launching and following a crowdfunding campaign means spending time and efforts. It's not just, okay, let's write a few things that we call. So it was it was an exhausting journey. At the beginning, you know, we I don't know. I didn't know why we used to write excellent article And we had a excellent illustrator, but still, the 1st year was difficult to Grow in terms of traffic.

Michela Di Carlo [00:18:49]:

And then I realized why. Because, you know, we didn't have, let's say, a very good Editor. No. Sorry. Web editor. I mean, the one who works at the back. You know? What I mean What I mean for web editor, the one who should look after the HTLM and, you know, these tech technicalities.

Wendy Green [00:19:13]:

Right. Right.

Michela Di Carlo [00:19:15]:

Only when we found a good one that, you know, helped us in, Improve our coding and all these little things, then the traffic Gross.

Wendy Green [00:19:31]:

So, Michela, what year did you start this?

Michela Di Carlo [00:19:36]:

December 2018.

Wendy Green [00:19:39]:

2018. Okay.

Michela Di Carlo [00:19:41]:

It's December. So it's

Wendy Green [00:19:42]:

Oh, 2019.

Michela Di Carlo [00:19:44]:

2019. Yeah.

Wendy Green [00:19:46]:

Okay. And Was it just you, or did you have your illustrator then?

Michela Di Carlo [00:19:50]:

No. No. No. I I mean, during these years, we had different illustrators. So, yes, I have my my 1st illustrator, worked with us for 1 year, then we had another one. And then, Now we have a Veronica Nikolai, and, she has been with us now for more than 2 years.

Wendy Green [00:20:12]:

She's Tell her I love her illustrations. No. She's brilliant. Yeah.

Michela Di Carlo [00:20:15]:

But, you know, every illustrator, had an idea a different idea of, Crunchy woman. How a crunchy woman should be. So everyone injects something different in their illustration. You know? The first one was very, very good, but she was more into, almost. I don't know if it's the right word. It's like more dreamy illustration. And the other one was more into graphics. But this one, my god.

Michela Di Carlo [00:20:52]:

I'm so lucky that I met her. She she's so good because, she also think add a bit of a glamour, you know, like and also a bit fussiness like this work. Yes.

Wendy Green [00:21:06]:

Oh, yeah. I love I love her illustration. So how many people do you have on your team now?

Michela Di Carlo [00:21:10]:

Now we have 3 people, work, as a staff. And, we we have a wonderful board of experts. I mean, we have, several expert from all around the world, but mostly From the US. And, everyone has a, of course, a specific expertise. And, so they they are our our asset, I would say. They they they really help women To to thrive in different fields. So we have the fearless fashionista. We have, you know, the women's health But, we have, you know, the career coach.

Michela Di Carlo [00:21:56]:

We have the beauty expert. So, I mean, Every everyone, I think, is happy to to, you know, Contribute for Branchy Tails because they realize that this is a project That is meant for other women like us. So it's a way to, you know I did it. I Maybe succeed in this little, you know, path. I would like you to succeed as well. So maybe if I can Show you my my way. Maybe you can get inspired. And so maybe you can do even better.

Michela Di Carlo [00:22:40]:

But, you know, the bottom line is that all these experts, 1st, me included, we want to show to women that it's not a matter of age. It's a matter of mindset. You know? Mhmm. You can still do wonderful things in your life. If you really

Wendy Green [00:22:59]:

want Absolutely.

Michela Di Carlo [00:23:00]:

If you really, yeah, if you really want to.

Wendy Green [00:23:04]:

Yeah. And you got a head start on me. I I started mine much Later in life, this Hey Boomer podcast

Michela Di Carlo [00:23:11]:

wonderful. Your podcast is absolutely wonderful. And Thank you. Congratulations, Wendy, also because it's Authentic. You know? I mean, sometimes there are all these interview regarding big people showing their success. Okay. But this conversation really authentic, so that we can can relate to that. I don't know.

Wendy Green [00:23:33]:

Well and that, You know, then that takes me to to what I wanted to ask you next because it it's about superpowers. You know? So I have had people say to me That you know? And I think this is true. My superpowers are inspiration and Making people feel comfortable, you know, authentic conversations, those kinds of things. So I'm I'm wondering what you see as your superpowers that you bring to this new magazine that you're doing.

Michela Di Carlo [00:24:00]:

So I can tell you about my superpower. My superpower is Probably resilience. I'm very stubborn. I'm very stubborn. I don't give up. I don't want to give up. You know? I mean, being a journalist, especially in Italy, you met so many obstacles along the way. They tell you sometimes they're too young, sometimes they're too old, Sometimes that you are a girl.

Michela Di Carlo [00:24:34]:

You know, you should, you know, listen. There is a lot of chauvinist. And so the time is never right. You're never, you know, the the right person at the right place. But Or maybe you're not part of the inner circle or, you know, you're not, I don't know. They invent all these excuses, because they want to make you unconfident. But once you realize that actually, probably, I mean, you are good enough, then you want to keep, moving. And, only my resilience, the fact that I'm stubborn help me to improve in my life, And only only only because of that.

Michela Di Carlo [00:25:22]:

And regarding crunchy taste, I think probably, because we try I don't know. We are a drop in the ocean, of course, because we are a niche a niche magazine. But we wanted to inject a bit of positivity. Our illustration are very colorful and bold, and even our content, even when our writers cover, Difficult topics. I always invite them to write the pros and cons and highlight The positive aspect or even of a difficult thing. So we always look for Giving some positivity, some energy, and hope.

Wendy Green [00:26:10]:

Well, I think you do that with the magazine. I I always Smile when it pops into my inbox, you know, because I'm like, oh, look at these pictures, and then you see what the articles are. And, you know, like I said, sometimes they're about Fashion, sometimes they're about food, but a lot of times, you have contributing stories too from some of my friends in the podcast area or or writers, you know, that have written for you. And in fact, you asked me to write 1, which was very Sweet. So I've gotta be working on that. Yeah. But,

Michela Di Carlo [00:26:42]:

do you unite all our forces, you know, for a A better cause. I mean, that's what what I hope. You know? Also because, you know, these days, there are a lot of Opinionist. A lot of people, you know, who advertise themselves like the expert or so as a journalist with a strong background into journalist, I'm quite strict. Not I'm not looking for whatever blog or whatever post. I look something, you know, a bit bit more, you know, into that particular topic. I want that, you know, our collaborators Really give offer at least try to offer to our readers a service.

Wendy Green [00:27:29]:

So as the editor, do you, like, have, an editorial calendar going out months that, you know, this month is gonna be on this topic and then You do?

Michela Di Carlo [00:27:39]:

Yes. We have a a, yeah, a plan I mean, a schedule and, an editorial plan. And, yeah. Well, otherwise, it will be very difficult, you know, to to to keep going on because, you have to think in Ahead. You know? And, yes. Yes.

Wendy Green [00:28:01]:

Okay. So how do you find some of these other writers, or do they find you?

Michela Di Carlo [00:28:07]:

Well, most of the time they find me and sometimes they submit an idea or sometimes, you know, they wrote a book And, so our, you know, conversation starts and then I'll well, maybe you can, you know, Join us and keep writing about this and that. Sometimes I invite, You know, experts that I met, you know, because I think they might Add that that special touch to to crunchy taste. I'm so grateful that I met these, these people, Really.

Wendy Green [00:28:49]:

Yeah. Yeah. I think gratitude is a big part of what we've learned in this part of our life, in this stage of our life. So tell me, speaking about that, tell me about some of the mentors or influences in your life that have brought you to where you are today?

Michela Di Carlo [00:29:06]:

You mean role models or influence something that influenced my path?

Wendy Green [00:29:12]:


Michela Di Carlo [00:29:12]:

You would be surprised, but it's something That you probably wouldn't expect it.

Wendy Green [00:29:18]:

So Okay.

Michela Di Carlo [00:29:21]:

I'll tell you a couple of things. So, A month before I started to think about crunchy taste, I saw a lovely lady, Maybe in her forties or maybe fifties, who was having a dinner On her own, celebrating I don't know what because she was drinking champagne and eating oysters.

Wendy Green [00:29:47]:


Michela Di Carlo [00:29:48]:

And and she was just, wearing a t shirt and a pair of jeans. But, you know, the the the restaurant was overcrowded, but I don't know. She was she had an aura. I don't know. She She was so confident and powerful. You know? I mean and, it's just, you know, a frame that something that Hit my mind, and, I called it deep deep in my heart. And I was keep you know, the month, week after week, I was Keep thinking. So I said, that's a crunchy woman.

Michela Di Carlo [00:30:26]:

And another Thing that inspire me you you might I mean, I'm mad. I don't know. But, you know, the film, Dedicated to Freddie Mercury. Mhmm. Yeah. And

Wendy Green [00:30:44]:

From Queen? From Queen.

Michela Di Carlo [00:30:45]:

Yes. The fact that he struggled a lot In, you know, during the seventies, coming from a different country, being gay in, you know, in In a time where, you know, it was quite difficult. And, also, he had problems with their with his teeth. So, I mean, lots of things That, you know, didn't stop him to keep, you know, trying. And I also I don't know. I think that, also Rocky. Rocky. That's so you.

Michela Di Carlo [00:31:24]:

So you think I mean, why I mean, any woman. No. No. Actually actually, I mean, that particular woman, a Total, total, you know, stranger. He's spying me a lot. I don't know why, but that's strange. And then I'll tell you, once we hit A goal I'm not telling you which goal. But one day,

Wendy Green [00:31:43]:

I want

Michela Di Carlo [00:31:44]:

to go to that restaurant and having dinner All by myself celebrating with oyster and champagne.

Wendy Green [00:31:53]:

She is you should.

Michela Di Carlo [00:31:54]:

I mean, she is always in my mind.

Wendy Green [00:31:57]:

I'm looking forward to seeing that article when you do that.

Michela Di Carlo [00:32:01]:

Thank you. But then we will we will get there.

Wendy Green [00:32:05]:

You know? For sure, you will. For sure, you will. So, I just I love I love what you're doing. You're you see yourself as a midlife advocate, and you're doing some kind of TV show now? Is that You

Michela Di Carlo [00:32:20]:

know, I'm Yeah.

Wendy Green [00:32:21]:

Tell me about that.

Michela Di Carlo [00:32:22]:

It was last year. We launched the first, Live program on the radio. And it was totally dedicated to, you know, to empowering women, And made life. So, the beauty of aging in English in Italian was. So it was a a live live show. So every Saturday morning, you know, I was there, inviting Different people and, interviewing them and listening great music, great hits from the past. And, yeah, basically, every Saturday, we have a different topic. Sometimes we talk about menopause.

Michela Di Carlo [00:33:09]:

Sometimes We talk about edges and sometimes we talk about fashion. It was a a great, great, Thing. Also, because it was the 1st program of its kind, you know, totally dedicated to midlife. And, and I have to say it was very, very, very good. So probably I mean, next year, we'll do it again. We'll see what

Wendy Green [00:33:34]:

When you, Yes. So when you put out the magazine, Michela, can you see which articles have attracted the most attention?

Michela Di Carlo [00:33:43]:

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course. We have some, stats, some data. And so, well, One of our most read article is about being single

Wendy Green [00:33:58]:

Being single.

Michela Di Carlo [00:33:59]:

At the age of 50, But not the the the beauty of being single. You know? So we wrote about why it's normal being single these days. It's the new normal. Why there are many ladies, you know, in their 50 or 60s who decide to be single not because maybe they don't have chances to meet new Man. Because they appreciate, you know, their their time and because they think that, They have, probably, yeah, more time to dedicate to themselves, to travel, to meet new people. So sometimes, actually, they are less lonely than What you expect. So this is probably one of the most read. Another article that recently, you know, got a a great success, it's very, You know, it's it's about the jewelry, what the jewelry says about you.

Michela Di Carlo [00:34:58]:


Wendy Green [00:34:59]:

Your your jewelry?

Michela Di Carlo [00:35:01]:

Yeah. What jewelry says about you? And then, another one, it's it's about ages. And, so it's it's about, you know, what we can do to prevent ageism or at least I would say to fight. And, that was very, very, very interesting. And another one is about Beauty tips, you know?

Wendy Green [00:35:27]:

Beauty tips. How to

Michela Di Carlo [00:35:29]:

go to the makeup, you know, how to yeah.

Wendy Green [00:35:34]:

I know. And, you know, and that was the thing about all of this that I struggled with the most because, You know, you hear all these talks about ageism and, you know, people are judging us by how we look, and that's not There, and we should, you know, just be judged for our brilliance and our, you know, experience and all of this, And yet you do focus on, you know, beauty tips. And

Michela Di Carlo [00:36:03]:


Wendy Green [00:36:04]:

And the truth is, Michela, that All through our lives, I mean, when we were young teenagers or whatever, we were always looking at beauty tips. And so why should that be now, you know, just because you're older.

Michela Di Carlo [00:36:18]:

Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, actually, It's challenging and interesting to to find out that that maybe you should change the way you apply the eyeliner Because maybe your eyes are not, you know, as open as they used to be. Or, maybe It's, it's the time when you really look after your your skin. I mean, in the past, I couldn't have been bothered. I used to go to bed without even take my makeup off. But now, you know, I do look after my skin, but Not because of, you know, oh my gosh, maybe I will have wrinkles here and there. No.

Michela Di Carlo [00:37:01]:

Just because I consider it as Self care. Yeah?

Wendy Green [00:37:05]:


Michela Di Carlo [00:37:06]:

Right. Yeah. But even, you know, I don't know about you, Wendy, but, For instance, I think even your style should evolve, but not because now you are in your and you can't wear the miniskirt. I do wear miniskirt. If you like it, if you look good, if you don't care about what other people Say, you you can wear miniskirt too, but in a different way. You know? Maybe when you were in your twenties, you wanted to look sexy and daring. Now you want to be Look as a confident person. So maybe you style that skirt of the jumper in a different way.

Michela Di Carlo [00:37:53]:

I don't know. It's it's because you change inside and so you change even the way you you dress. I don't know. That's my opinion personal opinion.

Wendy Green [00:38:04]:

Yeah. I mean, I think we still want to dress fashionably, and sometimes it's hard to find Fashion for older women. Although, I think that's gotten better. Because Because I think because we're not as concerned about where we're shopping. You know? If we like it, we get it. And I don't think there's as much. And tell me if you see this in in Europe, but I don't think there's as much judgment now when people look at an older woman Wearing something very fashionable or a short skirt going, oh, wow. She's too old to wear or something like that.

Michela Di Carlo [00:38:41]:

No. I

Wendy Green [00:38:41]:

don't I don't hear that as much. Do you?

Michela Di Carlo [00:38:44]:

No. Well, you know, these days, people have so many other problems to be focused on that, I I don't think that I mean, unless you are just there for a chitchat and, you know, you're just waiting for the bus and don't know what what else. Right?

Wendy Green [00:39:04]:

Right. Yeah.

Michela Di Carlo [00:39:06]:

Actually, I really like, when women of a certain age are a bit bold in their style, I think that's very Cool. I mean, seeing them wearing maybe big glasses or daring, leopard, I don't know. Boot.

Wendy Green [00:39:27]:

Boots. Like, I love wearing my boots with the yeah.

Michela Di Carlo [00:39:30]:

I mean, playing a beat, you know, with this. Why not? I like aging playfully. Let's age playfully. Come on.

Wendy Green [00:39:36]:

Aging playfully. That's beautiful. So so with that, leave us with a couple of tips. For crunchy women In this next stage of our lives, tell us how you see us aging playfully going forward.

Michela Di Carlo [00:39:53]:

So, when I say aging playfully, I don't mean that you should, let loose in the dance floor. I mean, aging playfully means that you don't forget that inner child, You know? If you keep nurturing that inner child, keep listening that voice even if you think that it's it's Over. It's not. I mean, because this little fire, it's the one that Keep us going. It's something that, help us to appreciate the beauty in and around us. So aging playfully means, being probably a bit more relaxed, having time to presuppose And, enjoying what, what we have. And also because when we press suppose, Maybe we have time to look around and, you know, we are not always in a rush. And so, oh, I didn't notice that how beautiful it is.

Michela Di Carlo [00:41:04]:

You know? All these, these little thing. And then time for yourself and, keep Discovering new things. Keep learning. Keep being passionate about.

Wendy Green [00:41:18]:

So important.

Michela Di Carlo [00:41:20]:

Yeah. So, I mean, crunchy taste, it doesn't doesn't sell any formula for success, any powerful, cream For, keep you young forever. Actually, the opposite. We just want to give Readers, some some ideas, some inspiration and, yeah, Keep telling them that you're not done. You're not over the hill. Not at all.

Wendy Green [00:41:50]:

No. I think that's beautiful. Take a pause. Notice what's beautiful around you. Keep learning. All of those are wonderful takeaways. So thank you so much, Michela. Let me Let people know how to get in touch with you.

Wendy Green [00:42:04]:

There are several ways. First of all, there's the magazine crunchy And like I so I showed you earlier, you can join crunchy with / join dash us. So everybody who's listening, go join Crunchy Tales. If you want to, check out Michela herself, You can go to her website. It's, And you can also email her. She very graciously has let us share her email address, so that's Michela. It's Michela.

Wendy Green [00:42:46]:

Right? Not Mikaela?

Michela Di Carlo [00:42:47]:

Mikaela. Mikaela.

Wendy Green [00:42:49]:

Mikaela at So thank you so much. This has really been fun.

Michela Di Carlo [00:42:56]:

Thank you, Wendy. I really appreciate, you know, what you're doing, And, thank you so much for this invitation. Let's keep, you know, trying to to help each other And because I think that together, we can do a lot of things. You know?

Wendy Green [00:43:16]:

We become crunchier.

Michela Di Carlo [00:43:18]:

Yes. Absolutely. So I wish you, actually, to all of my American friends, I wish you a crunchy Thanksgiving.

Wendy Green [00:43:29]:

Oh, yes. Thank you.

Michela Di Carlo [00:43:30]:

Thanksgiving. That means that you also will have a great food, I hope.

Wendy Green [00:43:36]:

We will have great food for sure. So before I let everybody go, I wanted to, thank Philip for his comments on my blog, which was called life is a journey. He said lots of good stuff in this blog. I believe that the process of writing it all and posting your blog will in itself Help you remember you are impacting lots of lives. You are making a difference. And my response to him was, thank you. Making a difference is a Strong value of mine as it is a strong value of Michela's.

Michela Di Carlo [00:44:08]:


Wendy Green [00:44:09]:

I love when I hear from you. So the comments, I've seen Susan comment and Wendy's Commented on on this, podcast today, so thank you for that. I love your comments in the chat, on the blogs. All of that means a lot to me. And, you know, email me or Michela and let us know what today's episode meant to you.

Michela Di Carlo [00:44:30]:

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Wendy Green [00:44:33]:

Yeah. So next week, my guest is Brenda Ackerman. I think Brenda writes for you.

Michela Di Carlo [00:44:38]:

She is amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One of our expert.

Wendy Green [00:44:46]:

I know. That's gonna be fun.

Michela Di Carlo [00:44:48]:

Yeah. She she wrote a wonderful book, And she's helping us to reframe this idea of midlife. Yeah.

Wendy Green [00:44:55]:

Right. So her book is titled Aging Sucks, But you're gonna love it. Absolutely. And that title definitely captured my attention, so I had to reach out to her. So she's gonna be with us Next Monday, so please join me for that. And continue to embrace this time of your life with exploration, Self expression and learning, and my name is Wendy and what? And crunchiness. That's right. And my name is Wendy Green with Michela DeCarlo, and this has been

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