Cultivating Courage

In this episode we are talking about transformation and cultivating courage. 

Deb Beroset had built a career in corporate as a journalist and a PR executive. She liked her work. She was good at her work, but she kept hearing a call for something else that she was meant to be doing. She tells us about the defining moment when she knew she had to step away from her corporate job and begin her own path.

We also talked about “every day courage.” This is the courage that we find when we show up as we are, when we can live our own truth. It can be our thoughts and our fears that get in the way of living with every day courage. Learning to be a “friendly witness” of the thoughts in our head and finding another thought to replace it with can be helpful.

When facing a big transformation, we may perceive with fear what might be. That is a time to ask yourself the question, “what might happen if I don’t do this thing?” You won’t know exactly how things will unfold or evolve. Take the step anyway.

Episode Takeaways:

1. It is never too late to be the person you were born to be

2. Trust yourself, you are way bigger than you realize

3. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it

4. Life gives big payoffs to those of us who are willing to take that step; willing to evolve and grow.


Deb is offering a Courage Kit to anyone who sends her an email with Courage Kit in the subject line. Also, if you write a note about what you want courage for, Deb will chose one winner to join her SOUL CARE MASTER CLASS!

Entries must be in by June 25.


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