Failing to Plan – Planning to fail

Remember when we were told to start saving early and to pay ourselves first? Well, those days are past. Now we have what we have and we have to figure out to make the best financial decisions about our future based on what we have today.

In my discussion with Quintin Pile, CFP, we covered a lot of territory that someone preparing for another 20-30 years of life after full time work, needs to think about. We talked about cash flow, various insurance considerations, home ownership, debt, and inflation mitigation.

Everyone’s situation is going to be unique and talking with an expert is advised. This episode will give you a good starting point to think about your goals and the questions you want to ask when interviewing financial planners.

Episode Takeaways:

1. Implications of taking social security at full retirement age or delaying it.

2. How to think about mortgage debt when interest rates are so low.

3. Be clear about your goals when you meet with a financial planner.

4. Interview multiple planners on your retirement planning journey,

Thanks so much for listening.

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