From One Caregiver to Another

As Boomers, we are likely to find ourselves in the role of caregiver.  We might even be taking care of children while we also have to assume the role of caregiver for a parent.  

J. Kay Coughlin has just launched her new book, “From One Caregiver to Another:  Overcoming your Emotional Grind.”  Through her company, Facilitator on Fire, Kay provides Caregiving Coaching for individuals who are overwhelmed by the emotional grind of caring for a family member.  

Kay has taken on the role of caregiver for her mother, who lives just next door.  She also still has children living at home. Kay has experienced stress and judgement from her siblings, and questioned herself at times.  We will talk about how she has worked through the process of overwhelm and balance and she will share tips about what you can do as well.

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