Happier Made Simple

Randye Kaye, author of Happier Made Simple, has been divorced and remarried, lost the use of one leg and has since regained her mobility, and she is the mother of a young man suffering from schizophrenia.

Any day could be a good day or a bad day, but somehow Randye seemed to find a way to stay mostly optimistic and hopeful. Friends, physicians and others she worked with would ask her how she found a way to be happy. Her book, Happier Made Simple explains how.

What I love about this book is the realism and the humor that is part of it. Randye does not pretend that we can be happy all the time. Sometimes life sucks. But she gives you an acronym, BREATHE, that gives you seven core phrases that will help you find ways to be happier.

Episode Takeaways

1. It’s not a competition, you are not supposed to be happy every single hours, ever single second of the day.

2. Finding ways to be happier by what we tell ourselves will give us more energy to revitalize us, help us reach our goals and meet our challenges.

3. Are we the victim or the victor in our stories? It is all in the way we tell our stories.

4. Nobody is perfect. Each day is an opportunity to learn

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