Mothers, Daughters and Girlfriends

The mother-daughter relationship is one of deepest mutuality and painful estrangement. Being the same sex, the relationship makes the boundaries less clear. It is easier to project our wishes and expectations onto our daughters then it is with our sons.

As we work through separating from our mothers to become the autonomous women we are meant to become, we make ask ourselves:

  • Did my mother hold me too close?
  • Did she want me to be too much like her?
  • Did she push me out?
  • Did she want to live through us?   

We talked about the mother archetype which has both a positive and negative association. There is the symbols of The Venus, Mother Mary, The Fairy Godmother on one side and the symbols of the Evil Step Mother and Medusa on the other side.

Our female friendships become a way to heal some of the difficulties we may bring from the mother-daughter relationship. 

We ended the episode with a moving story from The Book of Angels, by Sophie Burnham.

Episode Takeaways:

1. Become aware, look more deeply at the relationship

2. Strive to understand some of the differences between mother archetypes.

3. Interesting the similarities of the MeToo Movement and the climate change movement when looked at through archetypes. Women expected to give, and the abuse of the takers.

Thanks so much for listening.

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