Boomers-Millennials-GenZ: Bridging Generational Gaps

This episode begins the conversation on Hey, Boomer to start to find the opportunities for the generations to build bridges of understanding. There are so many reasons the generations are separated, which has caused misperceptions, blaming and shaming, going both ways. We are at time when solutions to things like climate change, mental health, theContinue reading “Boomers-Millennials-GenZ: Bridging Generational Gaps”

Activism for Introverts & Highly Sensitive People

Omkari Williams went from a career as an actor to political campaigns and fundraising to activism. She walks us through this transition and what was the turning point that guided her into activism. Her work with her clients and in her training is to help people find sustainable ways to contribute to society and makeContinue reading “Activism for Introverts & Highly Sensitive People”

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