Tell me your Life Story

Have you ever thought about writing down your family history for your kids, and then stopped before you started because you don’t even know where to start? Are there some memories of your parents and grandparents history that will be lost if you don’t pass it on to your children and grandchildren?

My guest next week, Naomi Grossman, has created a program that will walk you through creating your Life Story.  When you are done you will get a book, with pictures, that you can share with your children to preserve the family history. It is fun, it brings up memories, and even in our digital age, it will become a family treasure.

Naomi will share her experience starting as a journalist and moving to a life story gatherer, working with seniors to help them capture their life stories. Join us to learn about her Life Story Challenge.  I am creating a book for my kids. Maybe you will want to also.

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