The Real Story about getting older

Celebrating my 100th episode with Paul Long, from a New Way Forward. Of course I had to ask, if you knew you would live to 100, how would you want to live it? The discussion went on from there.

We talked about how we may be looking at life with old, outdated beliefs. These beliefs may be stopping us from the living the life we want to live. It is time to recognize it is “My Time” and start reimaging and reinventing the life you want to live.

The real story about getting older has to do with your attitudes, passions, purpose and beliefs more than it has to do with your chronological age.

We talked about the small (or large) voices in our heads that come from our own inner ageist. These voices that tell us why we can’t do the things we want to do, and shared some ideas on how to address those voices.

And we talked about fear. When looking at the next 20-30 years of your life, what do you fear? Paul talked about the fear of regret, looking back at the end of life and regretting the life you did not live. 

Episode Takeaways:

  1.  Where attention goes focus flows
  2. The power of intention and attention
  3. Put attention on what you want and then ask WHY you want it. Keep askig until you get to the most true answer.
  4. Change the way you have been to who you want to be.

Thanks so much for listening.

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