They found their passion as musicians and writers

This episode was so much fun. Stu and Janna Zonder are a musical comedy duo, talented musicians, writers and they have found their passion and calling. 

Stu teaches guitar and ukelele and his tag line is “all fun all the time at Stu’s College of Musical Knowledge.” 

Janna is a published author of a book about revenge focusing on the sexual abuse of women and children. The book is title Magenta Rose.

In this episode of Hey, Boomer, Stu and Janna shared their story of how they reached this stage in life and they performed 3 short songs for us. I found myself laughing and singing along. This is a feel good show.

To reach Stu: String Along with Stu 

To reach Janna: Janna’s Author page 

To reach Hey, Boomer: Hey, Boomer! 

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