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Data Never Sleeps

Domo releases their 8th annual “data never sleeps” infographic
Domo is a Business Cloud company that has annually captured online user behavior across a myriad of platforms, such as Zoom, TikTok, Netflix and Facebook. The infographic below shows how much data is generated every minute!
Due to Covid-19, the data shows that we have become more dependent on platforms that allow us to work from home, video chat, video stream entertainment and access home delivery of goods.
Some highlights:Working from home is becoming increasingly commonPre Covid-19, roughly 15% of the American workforce worked from home. It is now estimated that approximately 50% of Americans are working from home. Remote workers are taking advantage of Zoom and MS-Teams to connect visually with their teams.
Streaming wars are heating upStreaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu were already competing for an audience and making a big dent in typical cable networks. Since people have been quarantined, subscriptions to these services have exploded. Netflix reported 15.8 Million new subscribers in its first quarter.
Be Aware, Be AlertWith more and more data being shared and consumed through online apps, you must be forever vigilant to protect your personal information. Never click on a link in an email or a text, even it if it looks like it is from a legitimate company. Contact the company directly. Never share your username, password, social security number or bank account information to anyone who calls or emails requesting that information. This information will only be requested by a legitimate company or the government when you call them, not when someone posing as them contacts you.Internet & Personal Security with Dave Benson

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