Elizabeth L.

“Before I retired from 33 years in the Hospitality Industry, I contemplated what I might do afterwards.   I still felt physically able with a curious mind that was open to new possibilities.  Wendy Green had just started a consulting business with retirees trying to figure out their second act.  She asked me and a couple of other women to be her test group.   We spent six weeks identifying our strongest  skills, interests, values and  positive traits.  I found out things I already knew about me, but also traits and abilities that had been dormant for awhile and might be useful going forward.  No longer wondering what I was going to do for the rest of my life,  I now fear that I won’t have time to pursue all of my interests.   When Wendy started “Hey, Boomer”, it was a natural progression to what she started.  She has a passion for helping others navigate their next act.  I would recommend working with Wendy to find yours.”