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Hi, I’m Wendy!

I am a Boomer, and I have reinvented myself many times. Through the Hey, Boomer!™ shows, along with coaching and events, my goal is to provide inspiration to empower you to live the meaningful, purposeful life you want to live.

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You can now join us live at Boomer Banter, our monthly online Zoom gathering!

The Boomer Banter is an online community of like-minded individuals that meets on the third Tuesday of every month for fun, inspiration and community building with your host, Wendy Green.

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Building Your Resilience Toolkit

Building your resilience toolkit will help you navigate endings. In February 2009 my beloved Father passed away.  Within two years of that my second marriage was over, I had moved out of my beautiful home, I had sold my business (for a loss) and I found myself sitting in a workshop on gratefulness.  Only I…

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Get Inspired by Our Latest Guests

Join us live, every Monday at 1:00pm EST.

Every Monday, we talk with one or more inspiring guests, with topics ranging from dementia and parenting adult children to the healing power of poetry, our guests share inspiration, provide knowledge, and answer your questions.

I start and end every episode with the saying that “We are Never Too Old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” I believe that. I know a lot of people in my audience believe that as well.

And yet, we find ourselves sometimes feeling frustrated that we don’t have the endurance we once had, or the dancing ability we once had? We may have friends of family that tell us we are “too old” to try something new. We hear people use so many ageist expressions, like “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” or I am having a “senior moment.”

So what does it mean when I say, “We are Never too Old?” I asked the audience and got some honest, thoughtful and inspiring responses. I am looking forward to sharing these with you. 

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