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I am a Boomer, and I have reinvented myself many times. Through the Hey, Boomer!™ shows, along with coaching and events, my goal is to provide inspiration to empower you to live the meaningful, purposeful life you want to live.

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6 More Tips for Harmony in Your Next Chapter

Last week I shared six tips to help you find harmony and fulfillment in the next chapter of your life. They were: This week I want to share six more strategies to incorporate in your life. Believe it or not, retirement is hard. It is number 10 on the list of top ten life stressors!…

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Every Monday, we talk with one or more inspiring guests, with topics ranging from dementia and parenting adult children to the healing power of poetry, our guests share inspiration, provide knowledge, and answer your questions.

Intergenerational climate action is a complicated process because there is a lot of guilt, a lot of blame, a lot of shame, and a lot of negative toxic energy keeping the generations from working together. What we need are generous and optimistic conversations, especially intergenerational conversations, to successfully address the issues facing our planet.

Samuel Rubin is a Social Impact Producer and Climate Activist who works to help mobilize intergenerational activists. Can You Hear Us? was a social campaign Samuel oversaw that grew out of the Hulu documentary, I Am Greta.

Frances Stewart from EldersClimateAction.org serves as the co-chair of the Education Committee for Elders Climate Action, a chapter chair and mentor for Climate Reality, and the policy director for Climate Action Now.

Join us on Monday, March 20 for this important discussion.

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