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Hi, I’m Wendy!

I am a Boomer, and I have reinvented myself many times. Through the Hey, Boomer!™ shows, along with coaching and events, my goal is to provide inspiration to empower you to live the meaningful, purposeful life you want to live.

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a place to find inspiration,

a place to feel energized

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Through our weekly live shows, podcasts and blog posts, we talk to amazing guests and share information that is relevant to building meaningful, purposeful lives into our Boomer years and beyond!

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What Happens in a Community Banter?

“Tell us your name, where you are living and a movie that scared you when you were young.” That is the icebreaker we used for the first Hey, Boomer Banter. We had people joining us from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida. And the scary movies? These folks knew their…

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Get Inspired by Our Latest Guests

Join us live, every Monday at 1:00pm EST.

Every Monday, we talk with one or more inspiring guests, with topics ranging from dementia and parenting adult children to the healing power of poetry, our guests share inspiration, provide knowledge, and answer your questions.

Have you picked your WORD for the year yet? Suddenly this seems to be a “thing.” Since the New Year, I have seen numerous posts about the word people have chosen. I have also heard from people who are stuck when it comes to picking a word.

They don’t see the value. They don’t know how. They have chosen New Year resolutions in the past, and they haven’t worked, so they give up on the process.

I want to give you my take on why I think a WORD for the year is important and helpful and walk you through the process I use to select my word. You can even work along with me as I go through the process.

Let’s have fun and be inspired together. 

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