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Every Monday, we talk with one or more inspiring guests, with topics ranging from dementia and parenting adult children to the healing power of poetry, our guests share inspiration, provide knowledge, and answer your questions.

Family estrangement, especially between parents and adult children, is a complex and emotionally charged issue that is rarely spoken about. There is a sense of shame. A deep hurt on both sides. It is often accompanied by anger, loss, confusion and a fear that it will not be healed.

Dr. Joshua Coleman has written a book titled, “Rules of Estrangement: Why Adult Children cut Times & How to Heal the Conflict.” Dr. Coleman’s personal experience with estrangement and subsequent reconciliation adds authenticity to his perspective.

The book looks at estrangement from a societal perspective, a generational perspective and explores why it seems to be a growing problem.

In this episode of the podcast we hope to shed light on an often difficult and painful topic, while also offering support and guidance for those who are dealing with family estrangement. 

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