Ann Holland, Ph.D.

“As a coach for the past 16 years, I have great appreciation for the role a coach fills and the benefits of having a coach when it comes to facing and overcoming challenges in both career and life. I decided to take on a new project that was out of my comfort zone, so I knew that having a coach would help me overcome the challenges of self-doubt and getting stuck as well as needing an objective perspective and someone to hold me accountable so that I could move forward. Wendy provided me with the coaching guidance I needed to overcome my personal challenges. She helped me clarify my goals and identify obstacles and then helped me develop strategies to overcome those obstacles and pursue my goals. She asked me the tough questions and held me accountable, while providing the encouragement that I needed to move forward with confidence and purpose. I am excited to say Wendy’s expert coaching has helped me carve my personal path to realizing my dream.”