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Hey Boomer! is proud to partner with the following affiliates committed to healthy living. When you click through and make a purchase using one of our affilate sponsor links below, Hey Boomer! will be compensated at no cost to you. A great way to enjoy healthy products and services while supporting Hey Boomer! programming.  


I still like to cook, but at the end of a long day, I am looking forward to having a delicious and healthy Real Eats meal. I always keep some in my freezer.

Healthy and delicious, chef crafted meals that you can customize, just as you like. RealEats is committed to uplifting local, independent farms by sourcing peak-season eats and supporting the folks who grow them.  Every RealEats recipe is simply prepared with whole ingredients for a back-to-basics approach and an anything-but-basic taste.


I love to start my day off with a cup or two of coffee. Starting the day with Lifeboost Coffee gives me the confidence that I am treating my body well. The beans are single origin, hand selected and shade grown in high elevations.

The main roasts are certified organic and all the coffees are 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, molds, heavy metals, pesticides plus 400 other toxins to ensure you are getting the cleanest beans we can find.

Our stomach-friendly, low-acid coffee beans are naturally grown to full maturity (ensures the most nutrients entering the bean), sun dried, and gently washed with spring water before roasting.

Life Line Screening

Do you know your risk for stroke or cardiovascular disease?   Get screened with Life Line Screening for peace of mind or early detection.  Lifeline Screening’s mission is to provide you with awareness and early detection of disease. You will receive a complete report that you can share with your physician if follow up is needed. Screenings are painless, easy and non-invasive. Over 700,000 people per year get screened at Life Line Screening!  Locations are available throughout the country.

Receive 5 cardiovascular screenings for just $149 by using our link below.

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