Hear what others have to say about Wendy and Hey Boomer!™

“Wendy is a triple threat of a coach. First, she has the tools to help guide her clients through challenges, concerns, and opportunities. Second, she brings a peaceful, positive energy to each session that puts you at ease. Third, she has the professionalism and strength to keep her personal thoughts and agenda out of theContinue reading “Anja Smith”

Anja Smith

“As a coach for the past 16 years, I have great appreciation for the role a coach fills and the benefits of having a coach when it comes to facing and overcoming challenges in both career and life. I decided to take on a new project that was out of my comfort zone, so IContinue reading “Ann Holland, Ph.D.”

Ann Holland, Ph.D.

“Wendy is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is a consummate professional and calm under pressure. She is a highly principled person with a strong sense of ethics and is always willing to go the extra mile for the sake of integrity. Her customer service skills are top notch. Wendy also has excellent projectContinue reading “Debbie Blacher”

Debbie Blacher

“Before I retired from 33 years in the Hospitality Industry, I contemplated what I might do afterwards.   I still felt physically able with a curious mind that was open to new possibilities.  Wendy Green had just started a consulting business with retirees trying to figure out their second act.  She asked me and a coupleContinue reading “Elizabeth L.”

Elizabeth L.

“Wendy has a very effective and engaging bag of tricks to help you find your passion and strengths, which complement her instincts and emotional IQ. Through working with her I was able to determine the best way to focus my post retirement career search. So instead of anxiety, I am looking forward to easing outContinue reading “Fran Eckert”

Fran Eckert

“I am energized by the work and contributions of Wendy Green, host of Hey Boomer! podcast. She had me on her show as a guest expert and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Wendy is organized, natural, engaging and a great listener. She is the ‘real deal’ and she is passionate about working with people likeContinue reading “Kathy McAfee”

Kathy McAfee

“I was recently a guest on Wendy’s Hey, Boomer show to discuss reverse mentorship and my coaching work with international students. I’ve been a fan of this show for some time. Wendy invited me to come on in spite of the fact that I’m not a boomer. She creates an inclusive environment where people meetContinue reading “Laura O’Connell”

Laura O’Connell

“When I began this course with Wendy, I did not know where I was going from here.  My aging and responsibilities were so heavy.  As I began I quickly realized that I am approaching the next chapter of my life and there are lots of options. I learned more about myself and how I viewContinue reading “Lin W.”

Lin W.

“Wendy is an excellent coach. She is very personable, yet has a knack for holding one accountable in a supportive way. I was surprised at how much I accomplished, both personally and professionally during our coaching engagement. I had gone through a period of massive change and loss and was feeling overwhelmed. Wendy helped meContinue reading “Nikki Hughes”

Nikki Hughes

“Changes in life are inevitable.  Accepting those changes without fear and with a positive attitude can be a challenge.  Sometimes the question is, what do I do next?  As a coach Wendy Green has developed a workshop that helps  look at one-self and use those learning experiences to prepare for the next  chapter in life.Continue reading “Philip W.”

Philip W.

“Wendy invited me to be interviewed on her podcast, “Hey Boomer!”. I found Wendy to be dependable and well-organised. She had a clear process for planning the webinar, which helped me with my preparation. When the time came to do the interview, I felt confident that our conversation would run smoothly. Wendy did a greatContinue reading “Shelley Dunstone”

Shelley Dunstone

“Wendy is a highly motivated and experienced coach. She first teaches the theory then makes the practical application very intuitive to implement. Wendy is the perfect professional to change your life. Assimilating into a new corporate culture as a corporate Vice President with Wendy’s coaching has given me the ability to impact the corporation andContinue reading “Thomas Grunbeck”

Thomas Grunbeck

“I recently attended “Writing Your Next Best Chapter” conducted by Wendy Green and was greatly enriched by the experience.  Wendy led us through eight sessions which helped us to discover, create and plan our next important life chapter.  The exercises she used were insightful and highly useful, helping us to learn about ourselves and makeContinue reading “Tom H.”

Tom H.

“Wendy was definitely supportive in my career transition. Her coaching and advice played an instrumental role in helping me to critically think and prepare as a professional.”

Travis Morris