Play is not just for kids!

I had Physical Therapy today. There is the ever-present lower back/leg pain, and then my neck and shoulder started tightening up as well. So Physical Therapy has been good, teaching me strengthening exercises to stabilize some of my weaker muscles. My therapist was proud of my progress today on neck strength and movement. Now weContinue reading “Play is not just for kids!”

WORDS That Inspire

I started a blog last year about selecting a WORD for the coming year. It was wintertime, shorter days, and a period when I generally spend more time in reflection. I didn’t finish the blog post, but I did share an exercise for selecting a WORD for the year, and at our Virtual Hey, BoomerContinue reading “WORDS That Inspire”


New Experiences

New experiences can be revitalizing. We get into routines. When we are still working, our weekends may be a little bit different than our weekdays, but they generally still follow a pattern. When we go out, we generally go to restaurants we are familiar with. We get our groceries at the same store. We getContinue reading “New Experiences”

Four Ways to Channel Anger into something Positive

When I posted my blog last week about frustration with anti-vaxers, I was asked the question, “How do we channel anger into something positive?” The news is filled with statistics about the Delta variant. ICU’s full, health care workers completely burned out, more children getting sicker. We see terrible pictures showing the effects of climateContinue reading “Four Ways to Channel Anger into something Positive”


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