Take a Walk with Me

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This is an excerpt from a meditation my father wrote maybe 40 years ago! He goes on to talk about laying down Anger and Guilt and Worries and Fears. It is a powerful guided meditation.   And as I was thinking about Angie Stegall’s talk about Forest Bathing, I realized my father intuitively understood Forest […]

The Poison of Guilt – The Antidote of Self-forgiveness

Self forgiveness

Today I am thinking about Courage and Guilt and Self-Forgiveness. A lot of emphasis and study is placed on forgiving others, and that is important. There is a powerful saying about holding onto anger. It says, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.” That is how destructive anger can […]

How to Ask 10 Great Relationship Questions


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Christine Baumgartner, the dating coach from ThePerfectCatch.com.  She had a lot of good advice, not just for singles but for anyone in a relationship.  One of the ideas she stressed was doing the work to know yourself and love yourself. And even if you are […]

Guest Blog – Memoir of a Caterpillar


Every day, wisdomwell.modernelderacademy.com publishes a short blog sharing thoughts about aging, transitions, intergenerational collaboration and other pieces of wisdom. You can subscribe to Wisdom Well and receive these daily messages in your inbox. The below poem appeared in my inbox the other day, and I have permission to share it with you. It is a […]

Virtual Possibilities

Liberty Bridge at Sunset

Things have changed so much since we were born, and they are changing faster all the time. Remember how our parents used to tell us they walked to school, uphill, both ways? We tell our grandchildren that we only had 3 TV channels and they were not on the air 24hours a day. And you […]

Chose Not to Grow Old

Chose Not to Grow Old

The phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30” was coined back in the 60’s during the Free Speech Movement at UC-Berkley.  It became a rallying cry for a while.  And then suddenly, we were over 30. And then we were over 40, over 50, over 60… Yet in many ways, we do not see ourselves as […]

Preparing for a Hey, Boomer Broadcast

Focus Why Visualize Dance

It is Monday morning. I wake up with a sense of anticipation about the broadcast that will be live today. I go through my typical morning routine; coffee, some reading and/or journaling, 30-45 minutes of yoga and breakfast. As I am dressing and putting on my makeup, I think about watching Amy Woods (our local […]

A Good Day

My final blog for 2020. The blogs I have been receiving in my inbox have all been looking back at the year that was. This short video is a reminder to look at this day. It was written by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg and narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast. It is a GOOD DAY, if you […]

Birthday Pancakes

birthday pancakes

Growing up we had family traditions.  Every Sunday my Dad and my brother, sister and I would ride our bikes to the Pancake House while we let my Mom sleep.  We used to go to Dressel’s Dairy for ice cream cones to celebrate special occasions. We lit Chanukah candles and played dreidel. We had family […]

Purpose Moments

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Part of what we know about purpose is that it is having an intention to achieve a goal that is both personally meaningful and makes a positive mark on the world. These can be goals like launching an organization, researching a disease, or teaching kids to read, or volunteering with an organization whose mission resonates […]