Age Advocate and Mind Shifter

Helen Hirsh Spence left her 30 year career as an educator full of hope and anticipation for what was possible in her next act. She soon realized that she (as have all of us) had been brainwashed by the media and our culture into believing that aging meant being old. She had to confront her own internal ageist biases before she could move on.

Helen founded the Top Sixty over Sixty enterprise to celebrate the accomplishments of people in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond to help individuals and organizations embrace the skills of the older adults, and encourage people to reskill in areas of interest.


  • Develop awareness of ageism, both internal and external
  • multi-generational relationships can provide mentoring both ways
  • Be open to taking risks, moving outside of your comfort zone
  • Develop a growth mindset

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