Aging Families and Moves

Margit Novack is such a generous guest and she openly and honestly shared her wisdom and experience around the experience of moving as an older adult.

Topics covered include:

  • Impact of individual perception of aging
  • Intentionality of self-care
  • Navigating downsizing your home. The hardest move is from the family home.
  • Honestly looking at reasons why moving an older parent into senior living is good for you and good for your parent.
  • Much of Margit’s message was about letting the older person feel like they have some control and giving them respect.

Episode Takeaways:

In addition to all the other thoughts Margit left us with. Here are her take-aways

1. Be present, be grateful

2. Be intentional, take responsibility for the quality of your life.

Thanks so much for listening.

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