Audio Dramatist – Jill Korn

Jill Korn had spent a career in Learning and Development. She always had a love for theater and drama, and took an acting course in her 50’s. But with retirement approaching in her 60’s she was dreading the potential of boredom without something to do. She went back to University and took a Creative Writing course. This endeavor has morphed into becoming a writer, director, producer and actor in audio dramas available on podcasts through Sound Escape Theatre.

I loved my discussion with Jill. Of course we talked about the audio dramas and even share a clip of one of the dramas called “The Escort.” We also talked about the idea of creativity, and getting in touch with a sense of play. “Creating something is playing with it,” she said. You don’t have to know where it is going, just sit back and let yourself play.

We also talked about the idea that all we have learned in our lives, our work experiences and personal experiences are not wasted. We can use them to explore what we want to do next that will enhance our lives and possibly enhance the lives of others.

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