Celebrate Aging

Celebrate aging. We rarely take the time to celebrate aging, because we have been sold the idea that aging is something to be avoided and not celebrated. There is a profit motive behind shaming us and telling us how to look, how to feel, how to think, so that we will buy anti-aging products. These messages reinforce our own internal biases about aging.

Janine Vanderburg leads Changing the Narrative where she works on changing the stories we tell ourselves, changing the stories about older workers in the workplace, and changing the stories about older adults in health care environments.

We also talked about the gorgeous age positive birthday cards available at Changing the Narrative. Why send your friends degrading cards, when you can share these beautiful, uplifting cards with them?

Episode Takeaways:

1. Announced a new contest to create humorous and clever anti-aging birthday cards.

2. We can educate ourselves about aging.

3. We can all take small steps every day to raise our awareness and advocate against ageism.

4. When we address ageism we are addressing it for generations to come.

Thanks so much for listening.

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