Divorce transition and Rediscovering yourself

Pastor Jim Dant was married for 30 years. He is the father of 3 daughters. His childhood had been tumultuous. He had 2 mothers, 7 fathers and numerous half or step siblings. He had sworn to himself that he would never divorce and never put his kids through what he went through.

He spent a couple of years in therapy and talking to others in the ministry before he was ready to make the decision to end the marriage. He also had a “mystical experience” that gave him added spiritual assurance that God would not abandon him or his ex-wife.

In this episode we talked about the loss of friendships and some family. We talked about reshaping our lives as separate from a couple. We talked about rebuilidng community. We talked about the importance of getting to know who you are and what is important to you. And of course we talked about the spiritual aspect of divorce and how God could understand divorce and how there does not have to be shame in making a promise we could not keep.

Episode Takeaways:

1. Every life can be reshaped. Whatever you are going through, there is a way to cut a new path, there is a way to reshape your life, there is a way to find meaning and purpose.

2. Divine presence in your life is always there, whichever choice you make.

Thanks so much for listening.

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