Hey, Boomer Introduction

I got the idea for Hey, Boomer after being laid off from my job at the start of the pandemic.  The name is a play on the derogatory “Ok, Boomer” and the intent is to build a bridge between generations, featuring stories told by members of the Baby Boom generation. I look to start meaningful conversations across generations.

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One thought on “Hey, Boomer Introduction

  1. Dear Wendy –
    First, CONGRATULATIONS on your 3rd birthday of “Hey, Boomer!”

    Secondly – thank you for making this first episode available. I have re-lived some tragic days in our boomer lives while listening, realizing they helped shape our generation more than I rememberd. It has also created a desire to both share with generations that followed us boomers and to be willing to learn from those same generations. The road does run both ways and we can all contribute to making it a better place.

    Thirdly, the content on “Hey, Boomer” is excellent and it matters! Thank you again!

    Gene Holdway
    Greer, SC

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