Immersive Travel Experiences

The sights, sounds, smells and rhythm of a place can be found by going off the beaten path and experiencing your destination like a local. 

In this episode, Talek Nantes, Travels with Talek, shares what you can gain from having a fully immersive travel experience. She is also a great resource and shared travel sites that will be so useful when you are planning your trip.

We talked about how some people feel solo travel and there were so many ideas Talek had to help you ease into the idea and gain confidence and comfort. We talked about the “explorere gene,” the gene that gives you a sense of awe and wonder and curiosity about new locations, people, food, customs and culture. 

Episode Take-aways:

1. Take small group tours

2. Join Facebook groups about travel

3. Try house-sitting

4. Try volunteer travel

5. Consider teaching English overseas

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