Performing Artist and Activist

Francine Hachem has reinvented herself a few times, but through it all she was drawn to the theater. When she graduated from high school she had a desire to go to New York City or Hollywood and pursue a career in acting. Her father had other ideas. They lived in Detroit, he was a union man, and he told Francine she needed to work for one of the Big 3 Automakers and make some money before pursing an acting career. She stayed with Chrysler until she retired at 48, but she never gave up the theater.

She shares her joy and successes and some of her challenges and road blocks in this refreshing, personal story of reinvention. 

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Episode Takeaways:

1. Never give up what you love

2. Friends are so important

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

4. Find joy, even when things are rough.

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