Take a Walk with Me

Written by Albert Green, my father You are in the country. It’s morning. The sun is just beginning to stretch her golden tentacles across the endless, motionless sky. The air is filled with the songs of birds. A slight breeze slides across the meadow … carrying the perfume of the flowers and the newly mownContinue reading “Take a Walk with Me”

Virtual Possibilities

Things have changed so much since we were born, and they are changing faster all the time. Remember how our parents used to tell us they walked to school, uphill, both ways? We tell our grandchildren that we only had 3 TV channels and they were not on the air 24hours a day. And youContinue reading “Virtual Possibilities”

Preparing for a Hey, Boomer Broadcast

It is Monday morning. I wake up with a sense of anticipation about the broadcast that will be live today. I go through my typical morning routine; coffee, some reading and/or journaling, 30-45 minutes of yoga and breakfast. As I am dressing and putting on my makeup, I think about watching Amy Woods (our localContinue reading “Preparing for a Hey, Boomer Broadcast”

We see the world as ‘we’ are

Anaïs Nin was a French-Cuban-American diarist, essayist, novelist, writer of short stories and erotica. I only just learned this about her, but I have been familiar with her quote for several years.  The full quote actually says, “We see the world as ‘we’ are, not as ‘it’ is; because it is the “I” behind theContinue reading “We see the world as ‘we’ are”


On Jan. 29, 1886, Carl Benz applied for a patent for his vehicle powered by a gas engine. On Dec. 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers proved that a flying machine was possible. On March 7, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell spoke the words “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you” into the newly patentedContinue reading “IMPOSSIBLE or I’M POSSIBLE”

I am not what you think I am

I just started reading a book called Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. The very first chapter is about Identity. He opens that chapter with a quote from sociologist Charles Horton Cooley that says, “I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am whatContinue reading “I am not what you think I am”

Confidence Will Follow

Do you remember the first time you had to stand up in front of the class and present a report or a project you did? Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach, the fear that you would not be able to speak or that someone would laugh at you? At some point, you hadContinue reading “Confidence Will Follow”

How do you want to be Known in the world?

Erik Erickson (a well-respected psychologist and psychoanalyst) described the stages of Adult Development as: Intimacy vs. Isolation Generativity vs. Stagnation Ego Integrity vs. Despair Generativity is the stage of Middle Adulthood, the stage that many of us are in. I love the term, GENERATIVITY. This is a time to Re-generate and Re-define ourselves to beContinue reading “How do you want to be Known in the world?”

Altruism: The Miracle Pain Killer

Dan Halyburton, a Volunteer Coordinator with the American Red Cross was talking to Hey, Boomer about unselfishly giving of yourself and your time to help others.He said, “I left a 9-5 job, but I didn’t walk away from being active and engaged.” He tells his friends, “If you are not getting involved in volunteerism, ifContinue reading “Altruism: The Miracle Pain Killer”

Let’s Talk Voting

I just sent off an email to my children and their spouses to encourage them to consider working the polls for the November election. Traditionally, people in my age group and older have been the ones working the polls. This year, because of the Covid-19 virus, most of those people do not feel safe servingContinue reading “Let’s Talk Voting”

Entrepreneur Life Lessons

On Monday, I spoke with Lauren Brophy from the Apple Valley Inn B&B and the Candy Apple Shoppes about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. There were three big take-aways for me.1. Value your employees and your customers 2. Life has a lot more to offer than just your day job 3. ItContinue reading “Entrepreneur Life Lessons”

I am Always, and in All Ways, More Powerful than I think I am

What do you think when you read that? It can be a little bit scary, because if we believe that, then there would be nothing stopping us from achieving our wildest dreams. It is so much “safer” to think small, to limit our goals and dreams. Less likely to fail that way, right?But what ifContinue reading “I am Always, and in All Ways, More Powerful than I think I am”

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